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CGs Mansion summer edition

What happens when you put 20 strippers into a party mansion over the hot, hot days of summer? In short; a whole lot of nudity, drinking and even more drama. It’s like Big Brother meets Survivor, but with tits and ass. Only the strong survive…

Okay, everyone will survive – but only the toughest of the bunch will make it to Week 12 and have a shot at winning a brand new car! The CG Mansion Summer Edition is now live, having kicked off in February with more gorgeous girls, more drama, and more sexy shenanigans.

This season they’re mixing it up and fully-embracing the inevitable spectacle. Instead of an even 10 girls, there are over 20 women set to appear over the 12-week stay to keep things interesting. Some ladies are in it to win it for the whole shebang, and others will be intruding for a quickie visit that gets tongues wagging. This season there are girls of all different shapes and sizes, and to indulge every fetish. Based on the wide range of personality types we’ve seen so far, some are definitely going to clash… and some are going to get a little closer than your typical housemates if you get what we’re laying down.

Every minute is streamed live on And fans have the power to help their favourite CG Mansion sweetheart claw her way to the top.

The question on every fan’s lips is, will Season 1 winner Frankie take out the competition again this summer? Or will one of the new babes steal the crown and gain automatic entry into the Winter Edition, coming June 2021?

Same Mansion, New Rules

Based in Christchurch, The CG Mansion is New Zealand’s most talked about party mansion – packed with an eye-popping rotation of beautiful women from around the country who aren’t afraid to strip down, have fun and entertain. Season one brought the drama, and proved that not all girls are cut out to handle mansion life. There were catfights, there were tears… there was even an illegal stun gun smuggled in (and later confiscated by Mansion staff!). The viewers lapped that shit up – so this time around the team behind the scenes are turning up the dial with MORE girls, and more intense competition to take out the Summer Edition crown. It’s why insiders have dubbed this season CG Mansion Survivor… and why there’s already been one ‘casualty’, with one little Angel (who was clearly not up to the task) bailing within the first week.

What’s On the Line?

The strippers that take part aren’t just in it for an experience to tell their grandkids about. The girls are there to make some serious coin via their own private channels on While the Mansion cams are available 24/7 (you’ll just need to be registered and logged in to watch them), each lovely lady also provides one-on-one private cam sessions with fans seeking a more intimate experience. Fans can top up their online tokens and tip the girls to have more fun – from participating in funny dares to full-blown toy shows – and the woman who has earned the greatest number of tokens overall by week 12 takes out the top spot.

The winner doesn’t just walk out of the mansion with bragging rights. She’ll also leave with a legion of loyal fans, and a brand new MG to tootle around town with her top down. Niiice.

Keep your eye on the CG Mansion Leaderboard, which is updated weekly, to see where your favourite ladies are ranked.

Who You’ll Meet

The complete final line-up for Summer 2021 is being released over the coming weeks, but here’s the exclusive, inside scoop for those of you wondering if your favourite cam girls or Calendar Girls club girls will make an appearance…

  • Spring 2020 winner Frankie IS BACK and ready to get into even more trouble this Summer
  • There will be someone for EVERYONE this season, with a much wider representation. Whether you dig perfect and perky natural c-cups, voluptuous and curvy vixens, or goth babes inked to the eyeballs, you’re going to find the girl of your dreams
  • Keep your eyes peeled for appearances by new girls, Stella, Amara, Avery, Kitty, Mercy, Arlen, Mila & more!

Check out and @CGSMANSION on Instagram for more sneak previews of girls coming up, and – if you haven’t already – register now with

Get to Know the Squad

You might be able to sneak a peek at the girls in the shower and live out all of your voyeuristic fantasies – but the CG Mansion is definitely not a one-way, view-only experience. Sure, you can watch the free cams 24/7 – but you can also book some naughty two-way sessions to get to know the girls even better. These private, one-on-one shows are perfect if you can’t make it into the club… and are shaping up to be HOT-HOT-HOT this Summer as the competition amps up and the girls try to outdo each other.

You can also live chat and interact with the ladies anytime you watch the free cams. Every room in the Mansion has a screen where your messages, questions, dares and comments pop up – so the girls can chat away with you and the rest of the fans in real time, and so you can get to know your favourites personally.

Watch the Drama Unfold

Idle hands are the devil’s playthings – but with tons of toys on hand from the folks at Sinful Adult Mega Store, the ladies of the CG Mansion looove keeping busy. There are daily toy shows from 7pm (and you can log in to each girl’s private cam for close-ups and more interaction), and steamy girl-on-girl action to enjoy while the girls entertain themselves, and each other.

With the temperature inside the Mansion (and by the pool!) hotting up, things are bound to hit boiling point. Who’s going to play this season’s victim, who’s going to bail early, who’s going to win over the fans, and who’s going to snatch the crown – and drive off into the sunset – at the end of Week 12?

Watch the drama unfold on

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